Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We survived

Chip, the kids and I all survived my first day back at work. Bless my vice president and my counterpart Tracy for letting me do my first day back from the comfort of my home office. Not only did it keep my Tuesday/Thursday work from home schedule in tact, but it was a great way to ease back into work life. And bless Chip for doing the first drop off and pick up, as it staved off the waterworks.

While it was heartbreaking to see Charlie drive off with Chip and Mary Clare in the morning, and it was certainly weird not having him by my side, it went better than I had hoped. The day flew by, and before I knew it, Mary Clare was marching up the front steps with Charlie's empty bottles in hand, and the little man was smiling at me from his car seat. Granted, both kids came home in their spare outfits due to may-jah blowouts, but blowouts I can handle. Bawling -- my bawling -- I cannot.

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