Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday frogs


This Friday post brought to you by the I Really Need to Download Photos/Videos More Often archives. However, I must note that the photos were taken in September. Which is still technically this month. So that's something.


Anyway, about the pictures. While we were at the zoo earlier this month, Mary Clare insisted on sampling all of the frogs in the Children's Zoo. And, despite the fact that she's only looking at the camera in one of the three photos, I feel the need to tell you that she's the one who insisted I take her photo on each, lest you think I'm some sort of crazy camera lady.

While hopping on the frogs was fun, the highlight of the Children's Zoo was definitely the time she spent with the baby goats.

Apparently brushing baby goats -- all the baby goats, mind you -- is a two year old's idea of heaven. And you get to wash your hands after you leave the petting zoo? Well damn, what two year old can resist that?

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