Monday, September 12, 2011

Blessings, indeed

Every night after we say our dinner prayer, we take a moment to say thanks for our family, ask for special blessings for those who need it and mention anything else positive that happened that day. 

Mary Clare is a more than willing participant in this little ritual. While she may fluctuate between bungling the sign of the cross and chanting it like an aggressive cheerleader ("Father! Son! Holy! Spirit! AMEN!), when it comes to saying thanks, Mary Clare handily rattles off a list of the people important in her life. We always give thanks for Nana and Papa, Gram and Gramps, Ben, Brennan and Alexandra. And don't try to get away with a blanket "thank you for our family," as it only leads to her randomly shouting "Nana!" or "Baby Alex!" as we're trying to wrap things up. On occasion we also pray for Darlene and Jackie, her teachers, as well as our "Apple friends," i.e., the other two-year-old classroom at her school. And our neighbor's chickens. You know, everyone we hold precious and dear.

This week Mary Clare decided there is a heck of a lot more to be thankful for than just family and friends. After Saturday evening's prayer she said "TV" and then followed that up with an enthusiastic "boys!" Nothing like two simple words to make you feel like a deadbeat parent and fearful for the future, all in one fell swoop. However, last night's item was something I could handle: stickers. Granted, they were princess stickers, but what they lack in style, they make up for in simplicity. And stickers haven't been known to stunt intellectual development or want to play doctor, so there's that. 

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