Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alexandra Jones, 1 year

Happy first birthday to our beautiful niece Alexandra! 

It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was driving to Kansas City in the hopes of being there for Baby Jones' birth, only to get a call after being on the road for one hour that "It went fast! And it's a girl!"

And little Alexandra hasn't slowed down since. From early on she would crane her neck out of her swing so as not to miss anything, and once she started crawling, well, nothing was safe. Not Brennan's toys, not the dogs' food and not even a full can of paint. Yes, paint. She's not walking on her own just yet, but she'll be there soon enough.

We celebrated the big day this past weekend at Brian's parents' home in Springfield. Alexandra was so-so on opening the presents, but she thoroughly enjoyed chewing on her bunny and rocking in her new chair for all she was worth.

Of course, we were all waiting for the feature presentation -- the cake -- because let's just say that Miss A doesn't miss too many meals. And she didn't disappoint.

She went after the cake like she was auditioning for the role of Randy in "A Christmas Story". And once she knew we were all cracking up, she really put on a show.

Oh, Alex, you are a funny little thing. Best wishes to our happy niece for a happy birthday!

And happy birthday to my wonderful dad, who received the best present ever last year when Alexandra was born on his birthday. Of course, this now means that he plays second fiddle on September 28, but I think he's okay with that. 


  1. Happy Birthday Alexandra and Denis! Love those cake pictures!!

  2. Darling photos! Happy belated birthdays to Alexandra and Denis. And a special kudos to Sherri (I assume) for that super creative cake with dog and bone. Love it.


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