Tuesday, August 2, 2011


In case you didn't catch it in the hospital wrap-up post, Chip and his buddies Matt, Tyler and Jeff won that ridiculous charity golf tournament again. This makes three out of four years that they won the tournament. The first year was the Show for Tro, followed by the unfounded accusations that they might, in fact, be golf hustlers working the charity circuit. And yet they still can't clearly tell me what the charity supports. I just get "something with football scholarships" and "they need to shorten the name." 

The tournament prizes keep going down, but thankfully, the quality of Tyler's photoshop work keeps going up. Jeff (center) has never looked better. Or more natural. Always helpful, Tyler also suggested that I set up a special blog label in order to document their golf successes. The term "golf dynasty" was thrown around, as well as offers to provide interviews and notarized autographs (hey, we know a guy).

So if you want to learn more, or receive a commemorative golf ball autographed by Jeff Brasier, Matt Megargel, Tyler Oleksy and Chip Lindh, let me know. I have connections.


  1. Chip, Please keep the trophy clean. We have a photo shoot with it next week.

  2. Well I was saving my allowance for a sweat band signed by Gary Busey, but this seems like a much more sure thing. You had me when you mentioned the notary.

  3. If you can find a notary to stamp a golf ball autographed by these winners - then sign me up. I will take 2 please. E-bay here I come.


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