Sunday, August 21, 2011

Suson farm smooch

We went to Suson Park Sunday morning after church and breakfast. In addition to seeing a cow being milked and checking out a variety of other farm animals, I was lucky enough to score some camera time with Miss Mary Clare.


I tried to get a photo of Chip and Mary Clare in front of the longhorn doing the signature Parkway West "hook 'em, horns" hand gesture, but the longhorn had the audacity to moo as they got into position, and, as you can see, Mary Clare deemed him "too loud." (I tried, loyal PWHS readers. I tried.)

Luckily, the pig wallowing in the mud was the quiet sort. In fact, Mary Clare was rather captivated by him. As long as he kept his distance.

And we're still working on the whole "put your face through the hole" photo board thing. But her face is in the general vicinity and she is looking at the camera. Progress.

Oh, and while Charlie doesn't appear in any of the photos, he did join us on our outing. He just elected to see the sights from the comfort of his car seat (read: he slept). That fresh country air works like a charm.

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