Monday, August 22, 2011

Scooter safety

We bought Mary Clare a starter scooter a few months ago, but because of the oppressive heat and plethora of presents she received following Charlie's arrival, we held back on giving it to her. Since the weather this weekend was pretty nice -- and we were in need of a bribe -- we busted it out on Saturday and let her have at it. But not before suiting her up in all manner of safety gear. You can call us those parents, but if you saw this kid's elbows, knees and hands, you would understand. And, of course, there is that whole broken leg thing hanging over our heads. (Basically, after having one kid with a broken leg and another with a hospital stay under his young belt, we'll do anything we can to delay the inevitable DCFS call.)

After watching her ride it for awhile, we realized that the knee pads were restricting her movement too much, so off they went, followed shortly thereafter by the elbow pads. The helmet was non-negotiable, but luckily she liked wearing it. As in she didn't take it off well after she finished playing with her scooter. She wore it to ride her trike, swing, blow bubbles and yes, play croquet. Actually, we probably should make the helmet mandatory for croquet. I mean, she is playing with a mallet, for heaven's sake.


  1. So basically the next present I should get for Lil' MC is some kind of bubble-wrap suit? Good to know.

  2. So good to catch up on TB and see all the smiling faces. Everyone looks great!

    - Tracy


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