Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping tabs

Our beloved Fr. Tom left St. Margaret of Scotland for another post a few days after Charlie was born. While we were excited for him to have this new opportunity, Fr. Tom's leaving SMOS was bittersweet. In addition to marrying Chip and I and baptizing Mary Clare, we had formed a good friendship with Fr. Tom. And to say that Mary Clare loves him would be an understatement. If she was ever squirming in church, all we had to say was, "Where's Fr. Tom?" or "Listen to Fr. Tom read!" and she would immediately zero in on him. After mass, she would charge down the aisle and give Fr. Tom a huge hug, never mind the other parishioners waiting to speak with him.

Our new priest is Fr. O'Toole, and since he's so new to the parish, we asked him to join us for dinner last week so we could get to know one another a bit better before Charlie's baptism this Sunday. Thankfully, Fr. O'Toole is just as patient and kind as his predecessor, because let me tell you, the kids put on a show. Actually, Mary Clare was excellent -- it was her brother who fussed for all he was worth. As we wrapped up dinner and were packing up to leave, Chip said, "Mary Clare, tell Fr. O'Toole, 'See you at church!'" After dutifully repeating Chip, she cocked her head to the side, pointed at Fr. O'Toole and said, "You go to church?" He just laughed and said, "Sometimes."

Ah, there's nothing cuter than a toddler keeping tabs on the parish priest. That's our girl.

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