Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three biggies

Yesterday was a big day for TB. Hence, my posting a day late.

This girl had her cast removed:

This guy went back to work (after seeing his best girl through her cast removal and follow-up x-ray, natch):

This guy turned three weeks old:

Best of all, everyone made it through with flying colors. Mary Clare received a good report from the doctor and is barely even limping. Chip survived his first day back at work after three weeks of paternity leave and only required one pre-dinner cocktail. Charlie celebrated the three-week mark by not peeing all over me and pulling through with a nice stretch of sleep last night.

As for me, I toasted the family's resilience with a glass of champagne. And I plan to do the same tonight. Such accomplishments must be properly celebrated.

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  1. I like the champagne idea, and we have two bottles in the fridge that are going to waste. Your news, plus Annie's recent growth spurt (and associated incessant feeding/fussing), are reason enough for me to have a drink. Cheers!


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