Monday, July 25, 2011

All hands on deck

When dad travels and mom works full time, everyone in the Jones family is expected to pitch in to keep the household running. While Brennan tackles the toilets, Alexandra straps sponges onto her hands and knees and spiffs up the floors. No task is too big or small for the Jones children.

I tip my hat to you, Sherri. Brennan's real-deal toilet brush work surely puts Mary Clare's play broom and dust pan to shame.


  1. Can I go on record as saying that Brennan is prone to walking out on the deck, yard, garage...with just socks on. I struggle to keep up with mopping the hardwoods, but they are not THAT dirty. Embarassing to see those brown socks!

  2. But hey, your toilets are sparkling!

  3. This picture is just awesome, but seriously? What's your secret, Sherri? The only thing Xavier does to a toilet is pee all over it.

    And about the socks...same story here. I throw out more socks than I wash. I'm not sure how all the dirt gets inside the shoes.


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