Monday, June 27, 2011

We're in it for the gifts

Sure, we wanted a second baby because we thought Mary Clare would be a great big sister, and because we both have great relationships with our siblings. But let's be honest here -- we totally had Charlie for the gifts. And for the food that our friends and family members keep delivering to our door. Yes, babies are a lot of work, but whatever. If this sweet elephant pillow -- and the sweet guy snoozing next to it -- don't make you want to have a baby right away, well, then, God have mercy on your soul.

Thanks to the Rheineckers for the adorable pillow in the picture, the Mahers, Flemings, Joneses, my parents and Chip's parents for the delicious eats, and to the Allamans for even figuring out how to feed (and pamper) us from the wilds of Iowa. And of course there are countless other friends and family members who have showered Charlie and his sister with thoughtful gifts, as well as kind cards and well wishes.

So maybe I have it wrong. Having a baby is great for the soft and snuggly gifts, but most of all it makes you realize how completely fortunate you are to have such caring and supportive family and friends. We are lucky ducks, alright.

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