Thursday, June 23, 2011

One tough toddler

In the run up to the birth of Baby #2, Mary Clare decided to add some excitement to our lives by injuring her leg/ankle on a slide the first weekend in June. I didn't write about it here, because oy vey, the drama. Chip was convinced that the x-ray tech at the urgent care center missed something, and I was convinced that it was just a sprain and would eventually heal. 

Unfortunately, poor Mary Clare was still limping around last week, so at the urging of my mom and our friend Sue who is an OT, I gave up my argument and Chip took her to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon on Monday. Of course, you know Mary Clare came home in a walking cast that afternoon. And of course I submitted her to a video interview the second she limped through the door. No mercy.

In the original x-ray tech's defense, small fractures in the tibia rarely show up in the initial x-rays because children's bones are so porous. What did show up on the second set of x-rays is the new bone growth. In my defense, our pediatrician and even the ortho said that these things will often heal themselves, as they frequently go undiagnosed. And in defense of our parenting, the ortho also said that his practice probably sees at least one tibia fracture from a slide incident every day. So there. I have absolved all guilty parties, just like that. Convenient, no?

So now we have a Mary Clare who is on the mend, and a mommy who has completely lost any credibility when it comes to medical-related decisions. Obviously I'm glad that we got this taken care of and Mary Clare's leg will be healed in two weeks, but ugh, the guilt. And the not being right. I honestly can't decide which is worse.

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  1. Oh no! That is horrible. Don't fret. My sister did the same thing TWICE with her daughter's arm. They didn't catch it during the x-ray and took her back when they realized that she still wasn't using the arm.

    Rick has some advice for suing due to slide injuries if you are interested in increasing your cash flow (he's seen a few of these, unfortunately). And he said you should never ride down a slide with your kid in your lap (that's where they see the most injuries).


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