Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, yes, it got bigger

So, here we are at 39 weeks, and considering Chip busted me last night washing the washing machine (complete with a scrub brush for the nooks and crannies), it's safe to say that I'm ready to have this baby. The fact that my parents are back and Mary Clare is on the mend from last weekend's ankle sprain also make me feel infinitely better about this whole birthing a baby business.

This, of course, does not mean that I'm not in a full-blown state of frazzle. For instance, despite knowing the time and date of my c-section for months, plans for Mary Clare were still up in the air until this morning, and when my mom asked about Buddy, I believe my response was, "Oh, CRAP." While I had packed bags and emergency pick-up plans in place, I was clearly banking on my ability to will this baby to stay put until Nana and Papa were back on U.S. soil. And now that they are, thankfully my mom is in "never fear, Nana is here" mode.

Most of the items left on my to do list are of the variety that it won't be the end of the world if they don't get finished, but at the same time, the idea of Mary Clare not having a perfectly wrapped gift from the baby waiting for her at the hospital is simply unfathomable. And I'm sorry, but those Topsiders Chip didn't like simply have to go back to Macy's pre-delivery. For real, my nesting knows no bounds.

But hey, Mary Clare is cute, right? And those fierce hugs I talked about a few weeks ago are just as good as they look. So let's focus on the cute and not the crazy. 

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  1. You look so cute with your stripes and the hugs from MC are the sweetest! ONE MORE DAY!!!!


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