Friday, June 10, 2011

Nursing the nursery update

Because I seem to be all about going down to the wire with Baby #2, it's fitting that I just finished the nursery update -- which really isn't much of an update, to be honest -- last night. Also, take the word "finished" with a grain of salt, because as Chip will attest, nothing is ever finished around here. Certainly, I find crossing things off the old to do list to be one of life's greatest joys, but when it comes to finishing touches, my ability to tweak knows no bounds.

So, without further ado, I offer you photos and deets on the nursery update, whose walls certainly saw their fair share of various shades of blue paint over the past three months. Photos of nursery 1.0 are here if you are up for a little comparison.
The crib, bedding and curtains are all original to Baby #1, aka Mary Clare. Considering how much work my mom put into sewing everything, and how much I love the fabrics, swapping out the soft goods wasn't really an option. Like, at all. The only new items in the picture are the paint color (love!), the light fixture and the Lladro guardian angel in the window sill, which Chip gave me when Mary Clare was a newborn.

Same dealio in this corner -- everything is pretty much the same. I kept the Friends of Violet print (too much glare when I tried to photograph it) to the left of the dresser, and the fabric boxes and Carl, the rocking lab, are all originals as well. Please note that Carl's collar matches the bedding, because, well, that's how my mom rolls. Even the Anne Fleming-made baby book and booties are left over from Mary Clare because they just look too darned good against that espresso finish. The frame on the Buddy print did get a white coat of paint. I was going to put it in Mary Clare's new room, but I really like it here.

And here we have ... more sameness. The chair, pillow and quilt (again with my mom) and custom canvases (again with Anne Fleming) are originals, but the lamp/side table did get a coat of ivory paint and a new lamp shade with grosgrain trim. The small silver cup, engraved with Chip's given name, made its way home with us when his parents moved last year. I love it.

So, there you have it. A whole lot of the same, but for whatever reason, the new carpet and dark blue wall color (Velvet Dream!) do it for me. I particularly like how everything pops against that deep blue. Hopefully Baby #2 will agree.


  1. Love! Digging the paint color - nice job TB!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the blue!!! Will you be sharing Mary Clare's new room too?! pretty please! :)

  3. I should have mentioned that the blue is a little deeper in person. More navy than royal. This is what happens when you don't know how to use your camera without the flash.

    And yes, Mary Clare's room is up next!

  4. Very nice, but I would like to see more of Brennen and Lexy on the Blog.


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