Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm not ashamed

So, here I am, about to be a mom for the second time, and all I can say is: I miss my mommy.

It could be the hormones. It could be the fear that we will have this baby before my parents return from Italy. It could be that there's something comforting about knowing my parents are usually only 45 minutes away if we need them. But mostly, I just miss talking to my mom. We speak on the phone every day, and well, we all know that I am a creature of habit. And while the updates are nice,  the brief text messages we've exchanged since they've been gone aren't cutting it.

So, yes. I love that my parents are having a blast, and are enjoying the company and the sights, but it's about damn time they get their asses home. Who told them to go on this trip, anyway?

Oh, wait. Stupid hindsight.

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  1. Only a few more days and they will return with great gifts. Well gifts for the grandkids that is...



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