Saturday, June 11, 2011

And last but not least, Mary Clare's new room

Considering I never really did anything too terribly outrageous to our guest room, I had a very strange attachment to it. Probably the damask curtains. And maybe that I was able to come up with what I thought was a pretty put-together room based on items we already owned.

Sadly, the guest room and damask curtains are no more. Well, the curtains are carefully stored for their second lease on life, but our guest accommodations have now been reduced to an air mattress on the floor.

The demise of the guest room means, of course, that Mary Clare is now ensconced her new room. Note that I am calling it a new room and not a big girl room. This would be because Chip and I think "contained child" has a nice ring to it, so baby girl will continue to saw logs in a borrowed crib until she figures out how to escape (cue the sound of me furiously knocking on wood).

And so, it is now my distinct pleasure to once again bore you to tears with details about one of the rooms in our home. Why all the details? Well, clearly, I read too many home design blogs. So if it's all too much for you (ahem, Andy), just look at the pictures and leave a "looks great" in the comments section. Thank you.

So, the color palette for the room was based on this great Robin's egg blue damask quilt I scored at Home Goods this winter. Sadly, it has to lie in wait until the fateful day that Mary Clare transitions to her full-sized bed. Thankfully, my mom was appalled at the thought of her granddaughter resting her brown locks on a plain white Circo sheet, so she made two crib sheets for me out of Robin's egg blue fabric I found at Joann's. My mom and dad also get kudos for the striped cornice boards, with Mom Thole getting bonus points for hemming the white West Elm panels not once, but twice. And she's still planning to make red chair pads and accent pillows, so really, we're past the point system here and are looking more at Nana of the Year status.

The rug was a last-minute addition because my design team decided the room needed more barn red accents. (My mom actually used the term "anchor," so maybe she's perusing the home design blogs as well.) Hopefully I can still work it into the room once the full-sized bed is in place. And speaking of red accents, the Raggedy Ann doll was a first Christmas gift from Chip's parents to Mary Clare (apparently Chippy was quite fond of his Raggedy Andy), and the blue and red stick horse also belonged to young Chip. The rocking chair it's resting against was mine, with Chip doing a great job of sanding and repainting it in a glossy white. Mary Clare is a big fan of her "baby rocking hair" and "mama rocking hair," which is quite cute.

The crib is on loan from our friends Chelsey and Clint, and to say that I am beyond delighted at how well it matches the existing furniture we inherited from Chip's grandparents is an understatement. (Thanks again, Allamans.) The items on the dresser are a mish mash of things we had and things I found, and of course I had to add grosgrain ribbon trim to the lamp shade. I'm addicted.

And the last view of the room makes it clear that not only is Mary Clare still in a crib, but she is still in diapers. One thing at a time, I say. And really, she does love to lie on the changing pad and look at herself -- particularly when she is crying -- so who am I to deny her these moments of vanity?

The frog print on the dresser is from an Etsy shop run by someone Chip actually went to high school with (those PWHS Longhorns are everywhere), and will eventually go on the wall with a collection of other white framed items once the full bed and the rest of the furniture is placed. And I couldn't photograph it because of the glare, but this coordinating apple print from the same shop is the first thing you see when you walk into the room. In case you can't tell, I kind of dig her quote prints.

But, best of all, Mary Clare digs her new digs. The evening after her first night in the room, we were reading books in the nursery, and when I asked if she was ready to go to bed she jumped off my lap, said "Yes. New bed!" and darted into her new room. So while she clearly doesn't appreciate the lengths her Nana will go to for her, or the fact that I scoured Joann's with paint and fabric swatches in order to get just the right shades of blue and red fabrics, I have to say, it still felt good.


  1. Oooh, love the blue in this one too! The monogram is great too! Keep her in that crib as long as possible! The room is beautiful. Both look like they are out of a magazine.

  2. The room turned out great! Mary Clare is lucky to have such a beautiful new room.

  3. Love. You should send this link to Rachel Twenter. She would love it.

  4. Love it!!! I'm on my lil iPhone so it's hard to see but did you frame the print in an all white frame? From what I can see it looks awesome! Where did you get the frame? I LOVE that your borrowed crib matches the other inherited furniture! And am cracking up at your comment about the use of your mom's word "anchor"! :) ha!


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