Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Told you

Freakish, aren't they? 

Despite looking like they should be attached to a corpse with a preference for boldly colored toes, these are, in fact, my feet. This is what 35 weeks of weight gain and who knows what sort of fluid retention will do to the old tootsies. 

Seriously, abstinence advocates should use this photo as a form of birth control.


  1. Fantastic! Seriously when either of your kids steps out of line, you just utter the obligatory 'because I said so' and flash a pic of those feet, followed up with a very bitter 'you did this to me!'

  2. Leslie, even my toes are puffy. How is that possible?

  3. You poor thing. Just one more way for the baby to remind you that you aren't in control.

  4. I feel for you! I hope you made Chip paint your toe nails.
    - Tracy


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