Friday, May 20, 2011

So tender

Like it or not, when Mary Clare utters a particular phrase or provides an incriminating response, more often that not we know where she picked up such things. And sadly, we can't blame school. Police officers are "po po," thanks to her dad, and the "ohmygod" she may or may not have uttered one time came from yours truly. However, I promise you, despite our respective habits of using street slang and taking the Lord's name in vain, neither Chip nor I ever talk about eating babies. Even we have our limits.

Nevertheless, when we ask Mary Clare what she had for lunch or what she would like for a meal, she inevitably responds with, "baby." And she's not talking about carrots. 

Baby Lindh's only saving grace is that Mary Clare doesn't exclusively crave human babies; occasionally she clarifies and tells us that she had a "baby hop" for lunch. 

So while she hasn't yet sunk her teeth into the tender flesh of any young babes, human or not, take heed, my friends. Mary Clare and her Chiclet-sized chompers are gunning for your young'uns. 

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