Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sentimental spring

I am all kinds of in love with this girl lately.
It could be the pregnancy hormones. It could be the realization that she will soon be sharing my love with another little peanut. It could be that Mary Clare is just in the midst of a perfect two-year-old stage where everything she does is either adorable, hilarious or so insanely sweet that it makes my heart hurt. (For real, sometimes I am overwhelmed by waves of love and my heart actually hurts. Not even kidding.)

Whatever it is, whatever the reason, I cannot get enough of my girl.

I love how she doesn't miss a thing.

I love the cheese.

I love this the most.

Be still, my aching heart. We have seven more weeks to go, and I'm not sure how much more love I can handle.


  1. It's all of the above. The pregnancy, the new baby, the adorableness that is your child. And just when you think you can't possibly love any more you have baby #2. When you see the two of them together, loving each other...words cannot describe.

  2. Wait until she's a teenager, then all KINDS of love will pour forth. :) (At least, that's what my mom tells me. It's marred a bit by the sarcasm in her voice.)

    Just kidding. She's adorable.


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