Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The weekend was productive, and Casa TB is looking good, both inside and out.

Inside, closets were stripped bare, shoes were sorted (and counted in a judgmental fashion), eyebrows were raised, promises of divorce were made, donation bags were filled and Rubbermaid bins were sorted and stacked. The best part, besides Chip and I remaining married, of course, is that there is now closet space for Mary Clare's duds in her new room. 

Outside, mulch was purchased. And spread. And then more was purchased. Because that's how it works with mulch. Double points to Chip for first laying down the compost I carefully tended to the past year. And quadruple points to my dad for not only lending us his truck, but for making the two trips to Valley Park for composted leaf mulch, and for helping Chip spread it on the beds. 

So yes, things are looking good. And more importantly, things are getting crossed off the list.

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