Thursday, April 28, 2011

My very own band geek

You all know Mary Clare has moves. Well, after rediscovering the poorly hidden Melissa & Doug band in a box (thanks again for that, Aunt Sherri), Mary Clare is now intent on creating music for shaking her moneymaker. 

Considering her parents' dancing skills are downright shameful, this is a good call. The girl is also staying true to her roots, because, in case you didn't know -- or couldn't guess from my blatant nerdiness -- I was in fact a proud member of the Mater Dei Marching Knights. And while I can try and tell you that being in the band was not social suicide at my high school (we were the pride of Clinton County, after all) there is just no changing some people's minds. And those would be the minds of the former cheerleaders and jocks I befriended post-high school. Seriously, none of my college friends, Chip's friends or my work friends were in the band. How is that possible? 

Anyway, I loved being in the band (French horn/mellophone, baby!) and enjoyed every roll step, parade and plume that came with it. So I'm down with Mary Clare loving on her band in the box. She even fakes the notes she doesn't know. And she comes by that honestly as well, I'm afraid.


  1. I bought the DELUXE Band in a Box - I want to see all of the other instruments. Rythem sticks, xylophone, castanets, triangle...

    I have tried 3 times to comment - are you blocking me?

  2. How did I know you were going to get all fired up about the whole deluxe thing? Apparently the set is SO deluxe that M&D can't even include it on their website.

  3. It looks like MC would not have that delightful recorder, had I not happened upon the Deluxe set. Again where are her other instruments? You better not be hiding them from her.

  4. I was in the band for 8 years and 100% agree with your assessment.


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