Monday, April 4, 2011

Good weekend

I think it's safe to give this weekend two enthusiastic, chocolate-covered thumbs up.

Friday night we indulged in the classic Lenten meal of frozen fish sticks and blue box mac-n-cheese, and then hustled into the car for an impromptu visit to Home Depot. Upon arrival, Mary Clare, having obviously heard me tell Chip that we didn't need to bring diapers because it would be "just a quick trip," promptly gripped the paint display, grunted for all she was worth and cleared out the paint aisle in seconds flat.
Seriously, mom? I thought that little Home Depot incident was between us.

You're wondering where the good part of this weekend comes in, I imagine? Well, then, let's skip over the rest of Mary Clare's Home Depot aisle-clearing exploits and fast forward to Saturday. I arose at the early-for-me hour of 7 a.m., enabling Chip and I to both check off items on the to do list that make me feel infinitely better about Baby Lindh's impending arrival. Chip spent six straight hours in the nursery (the good man even asked to have his lunch served there), and the room is now awash in Velvet Dream, an ever-so-lovely navy blue. While he painted the day away, Mary Clare and I hit JoAnn's in search of fabric to use in her new room. After keeping my mom on the phone for close to an hour straight and feeding Mary Clare her weight in goldfish crackers, we left with everything required to complete the room.

Sunday was by far the best day of the weekend, because, well, we actually did something fun. We like to do that every once in awhile in the hopes that Mary Clare will protest slightly less every time we make her leave Nana and Papa's house. After church and breakfast we hit the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and because we were there by 10 a.m., even the Children's Garden was blissfully crowd free. And because I pulled the ultimate rookie move and left with a camera bag stocked with not one, but two, completely dead batteries, Mary Clare was able to enjoy some photo-free play time. But lest you think I'm completely off my game, I did remember the Flip, so I was able to record a few moments. I mean, thank heavens. I would hate to be reported to DCFS for not properly capturing something as momentous as my impatient little problem solver at work:

And we wrapped up our weekend with chocolate-covered faces. Which is what  you get when you have a pregnant mommy who now makes regular pit stops in the cookie aisle, and a toddler who savors every last bit of her blissfully fruit-free dessert.

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  1. Mary Clare is adorable but I also want to see pics of the nursery!


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