Wednesday, April 6, 2011

En garde, list

Sadly, there is little I enjoy more in life than crossing items off of a list. Grocery lists, work lists, Christmas lists, RSVP lists and the holy grail of all lists, to do lists -- I love them one and all. So imagine my delight and Chip's dismay when in a mere 15-minute span, I knocked off nearly everything in the purchases category of the ever-expanding pre-baby to do list.

The second video monitor camera, double stroller, stroller organizer, bottles, nipples (sorry, Andy), wash cloths, changing pad liners and cotton swaddle me blankets are all en route to TB, and I couldn't be more relieved. Snaps to me and my MasterCard.

I'm trying my best to savor this feeling of accomplishment. This feeling of contentment. Because you and I both know that by the end of the week, the list will be back to its previous length and I'll be back to my hot panicked mess of a self.


  1. 2nd video monitor? Poor MC. When you gonna let her out of the bubble? She needs to come over for some bed jumping.

  2. Maybe Debbie is trying to make her own version of the Truman Show.

  3. As crazy as I am, you both know that when it comes to being overcautious, Chip takes the cake. He is the one who installed outlet plugs in every single outlet -- even the ones behind furniture -- before Mary Clare was even born, after all. I just know to pick my battles.


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