Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cabbage patch

I must admit, I am fearful that the lack of severe heartburn I've experienced with this pregnancy means that Baby Lindh is going to be a baldy. Darn you, you old wives' tales that seem to be true.

With Mary Clare, I had to take Zantac 75 every day and lo and behold, she emerged with a beautiful head of dark hair. But with this pregnancy, I can usually get by with some smooth dissolve Tums. So you know what that means. Baby Lindh will emerge with nary a hair on his or her wrinkly little head.

But let's be real here, people, there's no way I could manage to crank out two beautifully coiffed newborns. People with thin hair like mine just don't get that lucky.

Thankfully, Baby Lindh's recent movement patterns clearly show that while the bambino might be bald, the kid will have some sick dance moves. Because I'm pretty sure the baby is kicking back in my womb doing the cabbage patch. Yes, this cabbage patch.

Sadly, recalling a 90s-era move -- one I would never even attempt to pull off, even in a mocking manner -- is the only way I can properly describe the sensation. The pressure starts on one side of my stomach, and then it continues in one fluid movement across my stomach and over to the other side. Usually I can even see the ripple through my clothes. And then we repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Good times.

Speaking of good times, you can thank me later for sharing with you the image of a long-haired, short shorts-wearing dude who will likely now haunt your dreams. And let's be honest, who isn't totally picturing Baby L in utero rocking a sweet headband and knee socks?

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  1. Excellent description and video support. Thanks for that. I am reminded, too, of that funny dancing baby from Ally McBeal.


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