Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday shortness

Mary Clare wore this dress to church yesterday. Cute, right?

Um, yeah. Cute and short. Like 70s era short. Like thank heavens she's two short.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize just how short the dress was until we arrived at church and I hoisted her on my hip, went to pull her dress over her bloomer and realized that the dress wasn't going to be covering anything anytime soon.

Oh, well, she's young. And therefore cannot be held accountable for her mother's attempts at getting one last wear out of a dress that clearly should have been packed up in December.


  1. As you said, its a good thing she's so young!

  2. Is that her rap name? Two Short? Get it? Ha!

    It appears the shortness is only apparent when you are down on her 2 year old level. So probably only the other kids in church thought she was showing a little too much thigh. It's cool. If you can't wear revealing clothes to church, where can you wear 'em?


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