Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kansasans do make cute kids

We haven't heard much from the Kansas cousins of late. Clearly, it's because they've spent the last month growing like weeds. All I can say is holy cheeks, Alexandra. It's good to see that she didn't let a bout with RSV get in the way of her growing. I can hardly wait to hear what the six month growth stats are on that girl.

And yes, it's sinfully late, but how cute is this St. Patrick's day picture? Behold, what you are seeing is not just a picture of two cute kiddos in St. Patrick's day finery, but two cute kiddos who actually have honest-to-goodness Irish blood running through their veins. You can tell it by the fact that they're wearing Kelly green and not teal like some German/Scandinavian/English phonies we know who shall remain nameless.

Now, if we all make nice comments and compliment her on her precious offspring, there's a good chance we may be able to cajole some sweet soccer pics and stories out of Sherri. Have at it, people. All it takes is a little begging, a little flattery and a whole lot of guilt. I know you won't let me down.


  1. Sherri - for the sake of your begging, pregnant sister, out with the stories and soccer pics! It's the least you can do:)

  2. I had no idea sherri was so selfish with tales of her offspring. Who knew? We are waiting.....

  3. Debbie just cannot wait to write about what a miserable failure I am as a "soccer mom". Stay tuned it is coming.


  4. That is not it at all, Sherri. Okay, maybe I love the stories. But mostly I just want photos taken with something other than your Blackberry. Your poor, neglected Canon DSLR. For shame.


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