Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I is for iPad

Chip, sweet husband that he is, gave me an iPad as a combo birthday/Valentine's day gift. Smart husband that he is, Chip gave it to me before he went out of town for a week. I've got a thinker on my hands.

So I've had it less than a month, and the things that iPad and I have seen ... whoo-wee. 
  • Nary a week after receiving it, Father Tom's Sunday sermon focused on how our technology obsession -- namely, the Internet -- is one of the biggest things coming between marriages and families. Chip pretty much jabbed my side or squeezed my knee the entire time Fr. Tom was speaking. The truth hurts more than you can imagine. Nevertheless, I did not appreciate it. Chip or Fr. Tom.
  • And speaking of truths, I will admit to being obsessed with the Scrabble game. But the game and I have a love/hate relationship because it usually makes me feel really, really stupid.
  • Finally, last week Apple announced that the iPad 2 will hit stores March 11. You know, just a little more than a month after I received my iPad. Killing me. I went through various phases of anger, regret and forays onto eBay to see how much I could get for the antiquated one sitting on my lap. But I eventually accepted my fate and am now at peace with my first-generation iPad.  
Despite the ups and downs of our first month together, I think the iPad and I are going to make it. Chip and I, well, that's another story. The hours-long Scrabble sessions are really starting to take their toll on the man.

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  1. Rick's really pushing for the iPad, but keeps insisting it's "for the baby". I know those things are pretty user-friendly, but I would imagine newborns might have to take a class or two to learn proper handling.

    Regarding Father Tom's message regarding technology, as a wife that has nearly strangled her husband because he refuses to pay attention while she is lost driving him around and he's responding to work emails on a Sunday in the car instead of trying to figure out where they need to be going, I think he might be on to something.


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