Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally ... and oh, crap

Well, I am finally in the third trimester. The first trimester flew by, as did most of the second, but for the last few weeks, I kept waiting for Baby Center to decree that I was officially in the third trimester, and well, it seemed like they were really milking that second trimester for all it was worth.

So, 12 weeks to go. Which brings me to the "oh, crap" part of the title. As in, "oh, crap, we still have a lot to do," "oh, crap, I'm sorry I picked that shade of blue for the nursery and now we have to repaint a room that looked fine the way it was," and "oh, crap, how did we forget to reserve a spot for Baby #2 at daycare?"

Obviously, there are far fewer baby products to buy this time around, but our house to do list is still quite impressive. I know we'll get there, but frankly, I'd just feel a heck of a lot better if the double stroller was already sitting in our basement, the new bottles and nipples were purchased and Mary Clare was ensconced in her new digs. So I just have to keep reminding myself that we have 12 weeks.


  1. You also capitalized the I in finally. That's what you get for talking about nipples.

  2. Is it wrong that I feel a strange sense of relief that you are now freaking out a bit too? You were way too calm there for a while.

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