Monday, March 14, 2011

The belly has feelings, too

You know your pregnant belly has a presence when:
  • Three people in one week ask if you're positive you're not carrying twins.
  • Two people in one week audibly gasp when you tell them you have another three months to go.
  • A coworker stuffs layers of bubble wrap under her shirt and exclaims, "Look, I'm Debbie." 
  • While sitting at your desk, the web page you're viewing starts shrinking before your eyes, because, unbenknownst to you, your belly hit the right combination of keys on the keyboard and made it zoom out. Stupid Mac and their stupid command key features.
  • While parking your car one day, a passenger in the car parked next to you (whose face you cannot see), cracks the window and says, "You're a little close, aren't you?" and you ignore him, thinking, "No way, plenty of room." And as you proceed to squeeze out of the car, you lightly tap their rear door with your front door because you have underestimated the size of your belly. The passenger points this out to you, and instead of saying "Sorry!" or "your car is fine, really!" you just storm off, cursing under your breath about your girth and possibly disparaging the make and model of the car whose door you just dinged.
By the way, the first three items? They all happened in the same week. And mostly at work. So let's hear it for the sensitive coworkers of the world.

All grousing about unsolicited commentary and dinged car doors aside, I really am fine with the size of the belly, the weight gain to date and so and so forth. So don't you worry about me. I'm mostly just entertained by what people feel the need to say, and the side effects of smuggling two leaden sourdough loaves around in my shirt. And so you should be as well.


  1. I got all those comments too - I think ppl are rude.

  2. Debbie - I laughed out loud about your belly "typing" commands on the Mac. That is truly awesome.

    - Tracy


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