Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Say it isn't so

Yes, my Mary Clare, 'tis true. I took all of these adorable photos of you this weekend in your Valentine's day finery, and then failed to post them on February 14.

In my defense, baby girl did give us a run for our money yesterday morning. As I packed my bag for work and Chip loaded the car, Mary Clare milled about with her Cheerios and milk, as is her custom. I turned just in time to see her clamber up her two-stepped stool, lose her balance and go crashing into Buddy's filled-to-the-brim water bowl. Her butt was wedged in the bottom, her feet were straight up in the air, her arms were flailing and she was soaked from head to toe. While it was a fairly safe landing, it did, in fact, make for quite a mess. And quite an angry Mary Clare. So I straight-arm carried her to the counter like any loving mother would, jammed a binkie in her mouth, stripped off her daycare-appropriate Valentine's day ensemble and hustled her upstairs to find something else red. (Because you know those toddlers are the first to notice if you're not wearing holiday attire. Oh, how they judge.)

Naturally, there was no time to snap a picture of Mary Clare in either of yesterday's Valentine's day ensembles, much less post photos. To make up for that, I'm loading you up with mucho photos of her baking up Valentine's day treats for Brennan and this past Saturday. We seem to bake a lot for them these days. Because heaven knows Alexandra needs to pack on the LBs.

Hope you all had a great -- and dry -- Valentine's day!

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