Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bundled up baby

Yes, she's a toddler. Yes, when I call her baby she says, "No, mama baby!" and points at my stomach.

But I can't help it. She's my baby girl. And she's cute as a button.

Click here for more photos from her first official foray into the snow. I'm a little slow on the upload, so the pictures are from a few weeks ago. But there's street sledding, people. Yes, street sledding with a toddler.


  1. Cute sledding pics - MC is as adorable as ever although I think the big scene stealer in these photos was Chip's orange hat. I should have loaned you my orange safety cones to complete the look. Not dissin' of course, quite the contrary - may have to get Grant one....

  2. Leslie, I would like to tell you that he did that for safety, but really, I'm pretty sure he wore it to irritate me. I still have no idea where he came up with that blaze orange beauty.


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