Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You can't have it both ways

Clearly, I am a tad sensitive when it comes to comments about the belly. However, I'm at that stage where I welcome some comments about the belly, if only so people recognize that I'm pregnant, and don't just think that I'm getting super chunky.

Case in point, I strolled into a meeting the other morning with some colleagues who don't yet know that I'm expecting. I looked, I thought, quite pregnant. Despite the friendly relationship I have with everyone in the room, and the fact that there was a fair amount of chit chatting between calls, not one person said, "Oh! I didn't know you were pregnant!"

Which means they just though I looked fat. I became so indignant at the thought of them judging my fatness that I pulled out the big guns: I started the belly rub. Nothing exaggerated, mind you, but I definitely let the hands rest on the bump. But alas, the much-hated belly holding was for naught.

So now my coworkers think I'm fat and proud of my girth.

Looks like I'll just have to wear a tighter shirt tomorrow. You have been warned.


  1. It truly is a double-edged sword. The only stranger that has called me out on my pregnancy was some 85 year old italian man at a pizza joint in Miami who proclaimed "Pizza for two!" while pointing at my stomach. No one else has the balls to ask quite yet. Of course, when thinking of the option of possibly accusing a non-pregnant person of being pregnant, I think I would keep my mouth shut too.

    I get lots of "Oh, I thought so, but I didn't want to say anything!" when I tell people I am. The 18 year old surfer chick in Miami was especially charming to tell, as this was the only way I could convince her I didn't want to try on a new bikini.

  2. Surely not! Asking if someone is pregnant is a very dangerous question these days-perhaps they just didn't want to be wrong, you know?


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