Thursday, January 6, 2011

The second birthday bash

Mary Clare's birthday was a tad more low key this year, in that she only had one party instead of two. We had our families over on the 29th for dinner and dessert, and at 18 people, that still makes for a full house.

Chip escaped having to make tissue paper flowers again, but we did have a time of it trying to hang her birthday banner. Plaster walls and hard-as-nails woodwork are killer. On both your patience and your marriage.

And, because I can't get it through my thick skull that I am not the cake decorator I once dreamed of becoming, I set out to make a round, two layer decorated cake for Mary Clare as well. I know that most of you can do that with your eyes closed, but cake decorating troubles me to no end. But, hey, I made it. So what if you can see the cake through the icing? Or that the cake is lopsided? It tasted good. Especially with that layer of Nutella in the middle. Mmm, Nutella.

Luckily, the special "2" shirt my mom made for Mary Clare turned out better than the cake. Thank heavens for Nana.

Click here for more birthday photo fun.


  1. Everything turned out adorable. Nice job, Deb. (Love the paper prints you used.) And Happy Birthday again to adorable Miss Mary Clare.

  2. So cute! My sister emailed me this morning before I even saw your post and said "please check out your friend at TB and remember those decorations" -- she's having her first baby in May so I'll be taking notes for her. Happy belated birthday MC!

  3. Leslie, that is so nice. We (meaning Chip) did those tissue paper poms last year, and they were cute as well. I wanted to do the photo banner that you once did for Ryan, but didn't order photos in time.


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