Thursday, January 27, 2011

F is for funny

And what is more funny than a three-year-old who loves his dad so much that he'll even put on his dad's dirty socks? Which of course results in the much sought-after legwarmer look that is so fashionable among the preschool set.

And while we're on the topic of funnies, my boy Brennan has been dashing off some doozies these days. 

  • The Words Come Back to Bite You: While out shoveling last week's snowfall, Sherri took a spill. After asking if she was okay, Brennan said, "Good. Now shake it off."
  • Combine King: He wants a combine. Bad. When Sherri said, "Brennan, you have a combine at home. It's in the shed Papa Thole built." He responded, "No, mom. I need a real combine. To harvest my wheat." Even after she told him that they didn't have room for a combine -- much less the half of a million dollars required to buy one -- Brennan wouldn't let it go. The next morning he woke up and told Sherri that he was pretty sure it would fit next to their walkout basement door, and that he would check out the space when he got home that evening from school.
  • This Little Piggy: Continuing the farm theme, Brennan declared the other day that he would like to ride a pig. Not a pony, but a pig. But only because "Pigs don't bite, right mom?" 
  • My Kids: Brennan started at a new preschool this month, and despite a few concerns regarding the amount of food they were giving him ("Mom, I like school, but they are always giving me food!"), he has really taken to his new teacher and classmates. So much so that he deemed them "my kids," as in "Mom, my kids laughed when I tooted on the floor today."
  • Eat Your Greens: Apparently being constantly fed at school has turned Brennan into a more adventurous eater. While making a spinach salad the other night, Brennan asked Sherri if he could try some. After munching on a piece of spinach for a good 20 minutes, he returned the uneaten half to the bowl, which Sherri surely appreciated. Shortly thereafter, Brian entered the kitchen, and Brennan proudly told him, "Dad, I just ate a salad!" 

And let's have one more legwarmer shot, just for fun.

I think we can all agree that funny or not, Brennan owns this look.


  1. Could we perhaps get a spin-off "Team Brennan" blog going?

  2. Aha! I love his idea of nutrition-half a piece of spinach=a salad.

  3. Leslie, don't you know, this is how that whole blog started? "Sherri, you should start a blog so we can keep up to date on Brennan. Here, I'll show you how easy it is."

    Apparently it's much easier to just funnel the info and photos to your older sister. Oh, well. Have to do something with that Mizzou journalism degree.

  4. Deb - think of me as enabling your creativity. I provide the pictures & stories and then you do your thing. While others may not appreciate your skills the faithful readers of your blog do.



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