Friday, January 28, 2011

F is also for four months

Look at that baby, all round and perfect in her four-month-old glory. Sherri says that Alexandra is always happy as can be. Simply glance in her direction and you will be rewarded with a big, gooey smile. I love it.

After receiving the above picture with a message of "Come Visit Me," a February visit is in the works. I cannot wait to get my hands on Alexandra's chubby cheeked goodness. I am selfish and want those smiles (and those rolls upon rolls) all to myself.

And while I'm being selfish, I must admit to being hopeful that Alexandra's laidback demeanor is indicative of second-borns everywhere, and that Baby Lindh will be equally pleasant. Never mind that Baby L's parents are anything but laidback. That has nothing to do with influencing a child's demeanor.


  1. ok, she really looks a lot like Brennan in this picture. So so so cute!!!

  2. A is for Adorable Alexandra!



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