Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creative, schmeative

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there that creative = pretty art.

Screw clever writing, screw independent thought, screw cutting-edge solutions. Nope, if it's not pretty, it's not creative.

Someone better break it to the inventors and authors of the world. And who is going to tell God? I mean, hell, I bet the first day He spent making the world it didn't look like a Monet painting. And I think we can all agree that God is one creative dude.


So, to make myself feel better, I invite you to visit my friends at dictionary.com to check out the definition for the word creative.

I do this because I don't want you, kind reader, to ever read a brilliant book, hear a mind-boggling concept or witness a unique event and deem it not creative, simply because it didn't have nice art to go along with it. And I most certainly don't want you to build an entire work or personal project around something like a logo. Because let me tell you, doing so will not bode well for you. Yes, what  you do has to look good, but you better back that shiz up with something solid.


  1. Most excellent thoughts, dear friend.

  2. I only read this blog b/c of the pretty design at the top.

    Kidding - bad day at work?


  3. Funny, I only read it because of the pretty children pictured quite frequently. J/K...

    I really read it because of you, my clever and creative friend. I not only respect your talents, I also envy them! Keep up the good shiz:-)

  4. I guess that eliminates the Mona Lisa as being a creative work of art, because she is not winning any beauty pageants any time soon. People are stooooopid.

    I am now off to fixate on shiny, pretty objects and pray for creative inspiration.


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