Monday, January 17, 2011

C is for cleaning

Mary Clare is, well, a lot like us. The girl likes to clean. And I'll just leave it at that for now, because no one's ready to hear tales of a two year old who stops mid-cry to close an open drawer or who likes to park her doll stroller just so every night. 

The other evening while we did the dinner dishes, Mary Clare happily cleaned the kitchen counter tops. And then once Chip needed that counter space for drying dishes, she moved onto cleaning her kitchen set. 

She has just as much interest in vacuuming as she does dusting. On more than one occasion she has followed Chip from room to room as he vacuums, using an old push toy as her vacuum. So when we had to swap out a birthday toy (at the gift giver's suggestion), we decided Mary Clare would greatly appreciate a vacuum. And she did.

Buddy, however, did not appreciate the gesture. The poor guy is still scared of the Dyson, so really, this is about the worst thing that's happened to him since we told him we're bringing another two-legged terror into the house.


  1. A kid that enjoys cleaning! I never thought I'd hear the likes of it.

  2. Oh, what an adorable little cleaner you have! Mine girl loves to tidy up as well- so fun:)


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