Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sensitivity has no place in our home

Chip dinged up his left foot pretty good last week. It started a few days before Christmas, when after a lot of wincing and limping I finally acquiesced and asked what the hell was wrong troubled my poor husband so.

D: What did you do?
C: I twisted my ankle.
D: How? Where?
C: I fell at Jiffy Lube.
D: In the pit!?!

Sadly -- I mean, thankfully -- he didn't fall in the pit, but rather stepped into a hole that usually has an orange cone covering it. Falling in the pit would have made a much better story, though. And you better believe I would have blogged about it well before now.

Fast forward a few days, and Chip is hauling all of the Christmas loot out to our car so we can take it to Highland, and his ankle rolls on him as he's walking down our basement staircase. And now, not only is he really limping, but his foot looks bad. Like twice it's normal size with large purple bruises bad. Like he can't wear half of his shoes bad. Like make his PT sister gasp and immediately jam a bag of frozen blueberries down his sock bad. You get the picture.

Since Mr. Pharmaceutical Sales refuses to take ibuprofen, much less ice or elevate it, his ankle is still bothering him. So after realizing tonight that there were no baby wipes in Mary Clare's room, I offered to run downstairs to the basement to get a refill.

D: Here, let me go get the wipes.
C: No, no. I can do it.
D: Seriously, Chip, you have to rest your ankle.
C: Yeah, but you're pregnant. My ankle will get better, but your pregnancy will only get worse.

Here we go again.


  1. That ankle business is no joke. I sprained mine when I was 9 or something and never tended to it properly and now it just rolls when I am on any uneven surface. Once it rolled so violently that I broke bones in my foot. Tell him if he doesn't take it easy it will only get worse. It single handedly kept me out of professional football. True story.

  2. Funny, he didn't say a word about it last night. What a stud. That's the kind of toughness you learn from Parkway West football.

  3. Yow. No ice? No elevation? What is he nuts?

  4. Hilarouis. I still think he fell in the pit. Secure legal counsel immediately. You could get some money from Jiffy Lube to furnish MC's new room.


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