Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa seriousness

Okay, there may be a lot of Christmas posts well into the new year, because TB went down to the wire when it came to holiday festivities. Case in point, our last-minute Santa visit.

After two unsuccessful attempts to see Santa at Plaza Frontenac on the 23rd (I know), we squeezed in a quick visit to Santa's House in Highland on our way to Nana and Papa's on Christmas eve.

Falling Snow + A Santa Visit = Just Another TB Norman Rockwell Moment

Eyeing up the big guy in the red suit.

I will take your candy cane, sir, but I shan't make contact with you.

Since the little miss wouldn't sit on Santa's lap much less shake his hand, Chip and I both patted ourselves on the back for not waiting for two hours to see Santa the day before. But we did not pat ourselves on the back for procrastinating like this. Trying to track down a no-wait Santa mere days before Christmas is a nightmare. Thank heavens for the small town Santas of the world, is all I can say.

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