Friday, December 17, 2010

Post-pregnancy announcement post

So, there were a few questions from commenters (love you girls) following the pregnancy announcement, as well as a few from coworkers and friends. I'll address them here, to get us all on the same happy page.
  • No morning sickness. I totally lucked out again.
  • Once again, we're not going to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I love surprises. Almost as much as Dr. Simckes hates having to keep said surprise every single time he gives me an ultrasound.
  • Yes, Chip is already having me reschedule appointments so he's sure not to miss a precious moment with Dr. Simckes the baby.
  • No move to the suburbs. Yet. (Ha, ha. Got you Amanda.)
  • The guest room will become Mary Clare's room, and the nursery will stay as is, with a few minor tweaks. So if you want to stay at Casa Lindh and sleep in an actual adult guest room with damask curtains that I am so, so sad to see go, then I suggest you do so soon.
  • Am I totally jazzed about having a summer baby? Yes, yes I am. I am especially jazzed about how nice it will be not to have to plan a birthday party in conjunction with a major holiday. (Still sorry we made you a Christmas baby, Mary Clare. I should have listened to your father.)
So there you have it. Those are all of the updates I have to date. At least the ones you want to hear. Because trust me, it's in your best interest to remain blissfully unaware of the host of pregnancy-related items that have plagued me this week alone.

This is going to be fun, people.


  1. I feel ya on the pregnancy related items this week. Who knew the human body was capable of such craziness? Not I. Hip-hip-hooray for summer babies!!! Just in time for margarita season!

  2. Sophie was a surprise; her sex, I mean. And you are one of the few pregnant ladies I "know" right now (and i know a TON - I guess it's my age!:)) that want to be surprised. So, props to you!


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