Saturday, December 25, 2010

The big two

Happy, happy, happy second birthday to our sweet Mary Clare.

It truly feels like I was just writing Mary Clare's first birthday post. In fact, I read it and thought, "A sippy cup? Seeing her use a sippy cup threw me for a loop?" Because wow, what a difference another year makes. Mary Clare now deftly* uses her fork and spoon, and she's getting quite good at drinking out of a cup**. The list of her feats is astounding. Not because of what they are -- baby girl is definitely riding that average train -- but because of the amount of growth and development she's experienced in the past 12 months. But fear not, gentle reader, I won't list everything here, as doing so would bore you to tears and render me a teary mess.

I will, however, say that while each stage brings its own set of challenges, Mary Clare has been kind enough to temper said challenges with an array of funny expressions, fierce frowns, a wiggling tushgarbled words, funky dance moves and all the fierce hugs and kisses you can handle.

I said it last year, and the same holds true this year -- we are beyond lucky to have this expressive, energetic and outgoing little girl in our lives. Happy second birthday, Mary Clare. You are more loved than you could possibly know.

*I use this term loosely. She uses them, okay?
**Of course, we still use the sippy cups at home. And probably will continue to do so until she goes to college. Such is the fate of a child with two neat freaks for parents.


  1. Happy Birthday! She can move up to a cup that has a straw in it. It still acts like a sippy cup but it is a little more grown up. My son has ones he uses where the straw folds down into the cup when he isn't drinking it. He can drink from a normal cup but I also like my floors to not be full of milk. :)

  2. Happy birthday MC!!! Hope you all had a great Christmas! Being sober and pregnant through the holidays is not all it's cracked up to be, but I guess you have prior experience...

  3. Look at that dress! I have been waiting to see pictures of it. Can't wait to see a picture of both girls. Nice work Mom Thole!!!!


    Oh of course Happy 2nd Birthday MC, hard to believe!


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