Sunday, December 5, 2010

Awry in the manger

With Chip at the hospital almost every night this past week, Mary Clare and I decided we couldn't wait and would have to get this Christmas decorating show on the road. Okay, she could really have cared less; it was all me looking for ways to entertain a child who regularly requested her beloved Dada.

We started small, with the nativity set, which, thankfully is not breakable. (Good call on that one, Mom Thole.) Mary Clare had a ball arranging all of the figurines. As you can see, at one point the stable fowl took center stage.


I would like to tell you that our night of decorating ended with impish grins on both our faces, but sadly, that was not to be. Basically, all hell broke loose when I told Mary Clare it was time for her bath, and no, baby Jesus could not join her in the tub. Which led to a chase, which led to me prying sweet baby Jesus out of her hand, and which ended with Mary Clare executing her patented move of falling to her knees, throwing her arms in the air and crying in utter despair.

So no silent night for us, as all was most certainly not calm nor bright, but all in all, I'd say it went well.


  1. Gosh mom, you're such a buzz kill not letting Jesus in the bath. He likes water too.

  2. Love this post. Hilarious.

    AL and CM both love our nativity. They like to give each on a kiss on the head. So sweet. But then AL says "Mom, can we move that one guy to this side?" Which guy, Anna Lee. "The guy who brings the gold."

    OMG. You've been in Christian school since you were 12 weeks old and you are still calling the wisemen "that one guy"? Good Lord.

  3. Leslie -- Mean Mom says no, but I'm pretty sure Darling Dada will say yes.

    Amanda -- It could be worse. My dad refers to the three wise men as the drug runners.

  4. It was a brave attempt though. :)

  5. I'm with Mary Clare on this one. Baby Jesus needs a bath. He was born in a manger.

    BTW, I'm loving her expression in that last picture. Too cute!

  6. Our nativity is from the same people and I love that my son can play with it with no worries from me.

  7. Drug runners?? Eek maybe we better rethink St. Rose School.....


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