Monday, November 1, 2010

A power tool for every season

Welcome to my dad's version of pumpkin carving.

Not a power tool exists that my dad has not corrupted in some way. You say a RotoZip is for cutting into drywall? Well, that's fine, but Denis Thole refuses to limit the possibilities of his power tools. For instance, RotoZips are excellent for pumpkin carving, leaf blowers are great for getting the Weber going, and while we're at it, why light firecrackers with matches when God made blowtorches?

It may be overkill, and we may make fun of him, but his penchant for power tools does add an element of fun to every holiday gathering. And he is, of course, the reason Sherri and I both started college with fully equipped tool boxes, complete with electrical tape. So I owe him that.

And hey, the man carves a mean pumpkin.

A pumpkin so good it makes you want to shake your moneymaker.

Click here for more carving and cuteness.

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