Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get over, already

Dear, dear blog readers. You are all good drivers, are you not? Well, even if you hit curbs, clip garages and have a knack for racking up speeding tickets, you do at least get over and stop when met by a fire truck, ambulance or police car en route to an emergency, don't you? 

Tell me you get over.

Tell me you stop.

At the very least, tell me you know that you are supposed to get over and stop when met by an emergency vehicle with sirens and lights blaring.

Tell me this, because otherwise there's a good chance that if you don't get over and stop, you will, at some point, hear from me. The blatant disregard for emergency vehicles has left me with no choice but to, well, get up in strangers' business.

Two weeks ago, a commercial vehicle went ahead and kept going in the left-hand lane of a hilly street as an ambulance flew by. Nice. I couldn't catch up to the vehicle to explain the proper procedure to the driver, but thankfully, Prism Glass is vain and likes personalized plates. A Google later, and they were hearing from me about their employee's poor driving skills.

Last week on my way home from day care, in my rear view mirror I saw a firetruck starting to pull out of the station close to Mary Clare's school. Unsure of which direction it was headed, I got around the corner to where it was safe, and pulled over just in time to see the fire truck coming up behind me. An Infiniti flew past me, and raced up the street. Once the fire truck was past, I pulled ahead to the light and as luck would have it, came upon the all-to-important Infiniti. I pulled aside the car, rolled down my passenger window and politely remind the driver to pull over and stop when there's an emergency vehicle in the area. And then I smiled and drove on because I had Mary Clare with me. And Chip is funny about people shooting at the car while she's in it.

I am, as you know, by no means perfect, especially when it comes to driving. Do I speed because I think I have to get to daycare/work/Target as fast as I can? Yes, yes I do. But I do get over for the people who are out there trying to save lives, put out fires and protect us.

So, if you ever find yourself waffling while on the road, just remember that the emergency vehicle could be coming for you one day. So get over already.


  1. I think I love you. Is that weird?

  2. Well, then you really would have loved me flipping the bird to the car that honked at me this morning because they couldn't comprehend why I was stopped for a school bus in the process of loading children.

    I mean, really? Clearly Celica drivers are an important bunch, but come on.

  3. No, seriously, it's called empathy: If that fire truck/ambulance were racing to YOUR loved one, wouldn't YOU want people to get over? Inconsiderate assholes!


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