Monday, October 18, 2010

We know how to make an impression

Apparently it took Brennan four days to notice that Chip and I were no longer in Kansas City. He noted Mary Clare's absence right away, but Chip and I? Not so much. But at least he asked about us. Eventually.

B: Mom, where's Aunt Debbie?
S: She went to work, remember?
B: Oh. Where's Uncle Chip?
S: He went to work, too.
B: Oh. What does Uncle Chip do?
S: He sells things.
B: Oh. What does Aunt Debbie do?
S: She writes things.
B: For Uncle Chip?
S: Sometimes.
B: Oh. [long pause] Are there puppies at Aunt Debbie's work?

Oh, B. How I wish there were puppies where I worked.

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  1. At the ages of now 9 and 7, I am pretty convinced my nieces think I am a gas station attendant. No puppies there either.


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