Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We don't do wacky 'round here

Mary Clare's teachers recently started sending home weekly lesson plans for the students. This is equal parts wonderful and hilarious. It's nice to see how Mary Clare spends her days, and contributing items for the various activities makes me feel involved. But what I love the most are the conversations Chip and I have as we try to determine what goes on during "dance and fall down" or what the freeze dance looks like. We also want to watch dress up time, because apparently the kids all have their favorite pieces, and let's just say that any toddler who gets between Mary Clare and her hats is going to be a crying toddler.

Today's activity is Wacky Wednesday, and we were encouraged to dress Mary Clare in wacky clothes.

I couldn't do it.

I tried. I swear, I tried. Chip snickered as I started putting outfits together, knowing that it was just killing me that the clothes didn't match. So I kept it in the primary color family, but mixed up the patterns. She's wearing red pants with white polka dots, a navy shirt with yellow and white striped arms, and a red and white striped bow. Chip asked if it was the best I could do, and yes, it is. And if you ask me, I think she looks pretty wacky. Even without the purple socks I took off at the last minute because no kidding, I just couldn't do it.

So, yes, I am a control freak and the thought of sending Mary Clare out of this house in mismatched clothes sends me reeling. None of this is news to anyone, especially not Chip. (So stop acting surprised, dude.) In my defense, however, have you ever seen a toddler after a full day of school? The food-covered clothes, crooked bows and missing shoes make every day Wacky Wednesday. So starting her day at a disadvantage like this means that pick-up tonight is going to be especially depressing. But only for me, thank heavens. Because she doesn't seem to care. Yet. But rest assured, my neuroses will rub off on her in due time.


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  2. It appears you couldn't even bring yourself to photograph this for your people? You don't want to document Wacky Wednesday? Is this a one week thing, like during homecoming or simething, or can we expect this every week.

    And mis-matching prints are in lady (though I can't bring myself to do it either).

  3. Oh, Deb. Embrace the Wacky Wednesdays, my friend. It will better prepare you for when Mary Clare insists on picking out her own clothes. That's when it really gets wacky.

  4. Debbie, I continue to pray that you and Mary Clare can avoid all of the lovely character-emblazoned clothing - Princesses! Dora! Hannah Montana! - that crowd the store racks and shamelessly vie for our kids' attention. It's a battle, but I know you're willing to put up a good fight.



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