Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rock chalk riot

What we have here folks, is a cry for help.

Please don't make me go home with the KU fans! Even though blue is my color, 
I'll never give their shirts a second glance. I'm a black and gold baby, I swear!

So, while I would love to leave you thinking that Mary Clare wants nothing to do with this roving band of Jayhawks, the truth is that she loves her Uncle Arthur. She loves her Aunt Kerstin, too, but it's Uncle Arthur who always catches her eye. Could be those primary blue KU shirts he's always wearing. And it looks like Arthur Phog is following in his dad's footsteps, because is this not the cutest picture ever? A rivalry never looked so good.


  1. That first picture is priceless. She's a true tiger fan.

  2. Hilarious. You should submit to MU Alumni Association or something.

  3. VERY funny first shot. Love it. And is that the dress from the bookstore? Adorable.



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