Thursday, October 14, 2010

The great pumpkin

We hit a pumpkin patch this past weekend while visiting the Joneses in Kansas City. All I can say is that oh, what a difference having a newborn under your belt makes when it comes to baby number two.

Sherri was by no means a hyper new mom (I've got that title sewn up in our family), but I'm pretty sure if you had asked if she would bring 10-day-old Brennan out to a pumpkin patch, she would have totally given you the mean Barbie face.

B and A at the pumpkin patch

But hey, new baby, new ways. So off to the pumpkin patch we all went. And what a time the two big kids had. They rode the wagon, stumbled around the pumpkin patch, frolicked in the playground area and even obliged us with a few photos. I wish I could say the baby was equally entertaining, but Alexandra slept through the whole thing. What a stick in the mud that one is.

Click here for a few more pumpkin patch photos.


  1. The first picture reminds me of how lucky you are that isn't an open jug of grape juice over a white rug-you just KNOW nobody's going to come out of that one safely.

  2. Ah, the apple picking outfit that we never got to wear apple picking. Glad MC can enjoy this season. All the babes are darling.


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