Monday, October 4, 2010

Braising for baby

At the risk of sounding like those people who post a list of their completed household tasks on Facebook in the hopes that their friends will congratulate them for feeding their children and cleaning their home*, can I just say that I kicked ass in the kitchen this weekend? 

We are visiting the Jones family soon, and I wanted to arrive with a boatload of homemade heat-and-serve frozen meals for my sister who is valiantly trying to keep Alexandra's belly full. Which means that Sherri needs to keep herself well fed in order to keep Miss Chunky Cheeks well fed. Such is the way this breastfeeding thing works.

Anyway, if you're still with me after the lactation talk, Andy, read on to see my list of kitchen accomplishments.

I have five -- count 'em, five -- dinners ready to go. I made chicken parmesan, vegetable beef soup, beef enchiladas with Spanish rice, pulled pork** and meatloaf. And because Chip raised his three-story eyebrows when I casually mentioned it, I took a stab at making my own granola bars. I also hope to knock out a loaf of bread for bread-loving Brennan and an apple crisp before we leave town. 

I feel like my list is impressive and all, but my mom is definitely in the lead for most helpful Thole family member. She certainly won the "staying for a week to care for baby and mother" competition. I was really hoping to lock down the "family member bearing food" competition, but wouldn't you know it, in the midst of finishing the baby bedding she also made meals and baked goods of her own, and continued to bake upon arrival in KC. 

Sadly, even homemade granola bars will get you nowhere when it comes to competing with Mom Thole. Even if I had cultivated the flax seed myself.

On the bright side, the six Rubbermaid bins of baby girl clothes in my basement guarantee me a win in the "keep the baby girl adorably outfitted" competition. But only if Brian's dad Steve hides Grandma Pat's credit card.

*Cori, Sue and Amanda, you know who I mean. 
**Braised for hours in a delightful medley of hard cider, apple cider vinegar garlic and paprika, the pork is, without a doubt, the piece de resistance.


  1. Sounds like good cooking Debbie. I'll have to try some of that pork someday!

    The title of your post threw me though, I thought maybe I was the last to know about our soon to be wed friends being preggo.

  2. Debbie, you need to post this on FB. That pork dish totally kicks the behind of anything you know who can cook up in a crock pot.


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