Thursday, October 7, 2010

And we're a baby blog

When I was switching up the blog the other night, Chip asked if I was going to rename it "Baby Botanical" or "Team Baby." I was a smidge confused, and actually wondered if he was trying to tell me we were expecting. No, honestly. I thought, "Am I pregnant, and he knows and I don't?" Such are the thoughts one has after trying to play pretend HTML editor for three hours straight. 

Anyway, no one at 4039 is pregnant. Not even the cat next door. And she's easy. 

Chip, however, is hurt that his role on the blog has greatly diminished over the past year or two. I started to suggest that he be more funny, but really, I can't take any more of his funny. The 7 a.m. comedy routine is more than enough.
So, since he hasn't said anything clever of late, I really have no choice but to publish these precious photos Sherri sent me last night. When I called Sherri to say how happy I was to see Alexandra's beautiful eyes, Sherri whispered, "Do you hear that Alexandra? We're back on the blog." 

I'm sorry Chip, but you just can't compete with that. Looks like we're a baby blog. At least until some sales person ticks me off again.


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